Virus and malware removal.

virusIs your computer running slowing?

Are you getting unwanted pop ups when you are on the internet?

Is your browser taking to pages that you do not want to go to?

Is your computer experiencing random crashes or shutdowns?

These are all symptoms that may be caused by a virus/malware infection; usually the aim of these infections is to access your machine and potentially steal your personal, such documents and pictures, they can even record every stroke of your keyboard in order to steal password for bank accounts, eBay, email and Amazon account etc.

If you have any suspicions that your machine is infected, please do not hesitate to contact us for help on 01348-837614, we can remove infections from your computer or laptop for a fixed fee of £40.  We will also advise you if further action is required to protect your machine.

Virus/malware removal can be a lengthy process, and we would prefer to carry out this service in our workshop, however service can be carried out at your premises if required.